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  What Is Music-Atlas?
Music-Atlas is a musical resource tool for the Internet. Music-Atlas provides news, links, news headlines, new release information, artist updates, and who is #1. Music-Atlas is oriented more toward today's music and you will notice that much of the news, information, and updates are in reference to music performers who have been successful recently. That doesn't mean we exclude older artists, or very new artists.

Where Does Music-Atlas Get Its Information?
News, as well as calendar information, is obtained from press releases, magazine promotional material, and various Internet sites. Artist Information pages are created from a thorough search of all artist websites including fan pages and record label profiles. Music-Atlas accumulates all the facts and figures relating to the artists.

What About Copyright Laws Regarding Text and Pictures?
Music-Atlas combines the music business need for promotion with the music fan's need for information about their favorite artists. Information such as birthdays, new LP release information, concert appearances, etc., are considered "works consisting entirely of information that is common property and containing no original authorship," and according to copyright laws, are not copyrighted. Music-Atlas attempts to obtain promotional pictures that are to be used for the purpose of promoting a music artist. Unfortunately, with the large amount of material on the Internet, it is difficult to determine what is the original source for the picture - and simply scanning a picture does not lay claim to ownership as some sites suggest. Music-Atlas therefore attempts to credit the photographer in the alternate text of the pictures when available.

Why Are Some Artist Information Pages More Elaborate Than Others Within Music-Atlas?
You may notice that some Artist Information Pages are quite extensive while a few might be considered a little skimpy. We are in the process of updating all Information pages and are doing so in terms of how popular the page is.

If I Send You A Music Link To My Fan Page, Will Music-Atlas Link To It?
If you have a music site or a fan page that is not already part of Music-Atlas and would like to be linked on our site, we will review the site and determine if it is something we would like to include within Music-Atlas. Music-Atlas also does not link to sites that have questionable or offensive material within it.

How Often Is Music-Atlas Updated?
Music-Atlas is updated daily depending on the amount of material that needs to be added or deleted from the site.

Can I Use Information From Music-Atlas For My Site?
Some information from Music-Atlas has also been reformatted on web pages and we appreciate this usage of our site as long as credit to our site and a link to Music-Atlas is given. However, our web pages are updated often and it might be best to link to our pages directly so that up-to-date information is available to your readers.

How Can I Be Part Of Music-Atlas?
Is there an artist that hasn't been profiled yet that you enjoy and would like to write about? Music-Atlas welcomes submissions to our Information pages. Music-Atlas will reference the writer of the information page, but also reserves the right to edit or expand the submittal.

How Can I Contact Music-Atlas?
You can always e-mail Music-Atlas

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