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Atomic Kitten


Atomic Kitten

Atomic Kitten are Natasha Hamilton (Tash), Elizabeth McClarnon (Liz or Lil) and Jenny (Jen). They officially formed as Atomic Kitten in 1999 as a trio, with Tash, Liz and Kerry Katona, who left in early 2001 to pursue a career as a house mother and TV presenter. She was replaced by Jenny Frost (Formerly Of Precious, a UK girl group whose single "Say It Again" was a UK Eurovision entry) in 2001. Atomic Kitten released 4 Singles With Kerry - "Right Now," "See Ya," "I Want Your Love," "Follow Me" as well as the album "Right Now." However, it was not until 2001, after a year as a lukewarm successful girl group, that the girls finally achieved a UK #1 single. Kerry had just left the band, to have a baby and get married to her lover Bryan McFadden, of the Irish boyband, Westlife. Jenny was already a friend of the band and was immediately sketched in and began promoting "Whole Again" with Tash and Liz, as Precious, her former band had disbanded after a failed album and single launch. The album "Right Now"

was deleted and only available on import, with "Whole Again" staying at #1 in the UK for 4 weeks. It then also reached #1 in Germany, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand and many other European countries. The album reached #39 on its release, and the girls were on the verge of being dropped if "Whole Again" was not a hit. Luckily for them it was, and still is, their biggest worldwide hit ever.

As Kerry was featured on the deleted "Right Now" album, a re-record of "Right Now" was scheduled, so Jen could sing on the tracks with Tash and Liz. New songs were also included - their previous up-tempo "pop" days had not been too successful, whereas their ballad was a massive hit. More ballads along the lines of "Whole Again" were included, such as "You Are," "Eternal Flame" and "Tomorrow and Tonight." "Bye Now" was also remixed. The album was released in June in Europe, and was only available in the UK on import - for most of Europe this was not a re-issue of the album, it was their album debut. In

Atomic Kitten

late July 2001, America's biggest girlband, Destiny's Child, released a single from their #1 album "Survivor" - an R'n'B party track with a catchy hook and sing-a-long lyrics - "Bootylicious." It was a surefire #1 - or was it? In the same week, Atomic Kitten released their follow-up to "Whole Again" - a cover of the Bangles hit "Eternal Flame." This was also remixed from the original European album version, and held Destiny's Child from the top spot. "Eternal Flame" stayed at #1 for 2 weeks. The re-recorded "Right Now" album was then released and went straight to #1 in the UK. Atomic Kitten were now the biggest girl group in Europe. In December 2001, a remixed version of "You Are" was scheduled to be released, and the girls promoted it on UK television. However, due to other chart competition, the single was postponed and eventually cancelled in January 2002. A version of the planned UK CD1 was available on import in the UK, as it was released in mainland Europe and Australia.

With their new album, "Feels So Good," the Kittens' infectious mix of bubblegum pop with smooth R'n'B ballads, is continued and matured with the girls writing more of the material themselves. The first single to be taken from it ("It's OK!") featured a catchy Irish sounding melody, and the second single - their revamped version of the Blondie classic (which was actually a cover in itself!) "The Tide Is High" mixes their bubblegum pop days of past, with the now-traditional Atomic Kitten balladry and their usual soulful vocals. Around the promotion of the single and the album, Tash went on a break to give birth to her son Josh - she worked right up until the last minute, even recording a "CD:UK" performance of "The Tide Is High (Get The Feeling)" - and returned in October 2002, performing with Liz and Jenny at the Disney Channel Kids Awards. Their next single, "The Last Goodbye" and the previously unreleased non-album track, "Be With You," was released in November 2002, and hit #2. Both songs were released independently in most European countries, and "Be With You" was released on its own in Australia where it was such a hit, the album was re- released with it on. Their next UK single will be "Love Doesn't Have To Hurt," which was written by The Bangles especially for the Kittens.

Atomic KittenAtomic KittenAtomic KittenAtomic KittenAtomic KittenAtomic Kitten