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Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez

Born out of the Bronx, New York, this multitalented latina superstar captured the eyes of many men in the film The Money Train with Woody Harelson and Wesley Snipes, leaving them wondering "Who was that girl?" In 1997, there was no doubt who she was, as the name Jennifer Lopez became a household name for many of all ages with a break through performance, portaying the late tejana singer Selena. Jennifer was well on her way to super stardom.

The beautiful and talented Jennifer Lopez, an actress/singer/dancer of Puerto Rican decent was born on July 24, 1970. She is the daughter of David, a computer specialist and Guadalupe, a kindergarden teacher. At a young age, Jennifer always knew what she wanted, so she began to pursue a career as a musical theatre actress. At an early age she began taking dance classes which eventually led to tour of Europe and Japan with musicals like Synchronicity and Golden Musicals of Broadway. At 16, Jennifer got a small part in the film My Little Girl, but it wasn't

until a few years later that she would get her first big break. In 1990, Jennifer won a dance audition that gained her a spot on Keenan Ivory Wyans' television series, In Living Color. Shortly thereafter, she auditioned for a spot on Janet Jackson's video That's the Way Love Goes and got it. This would eventually lead to a job as a dancer on Janet's World tour, but she pulled out of it a few days before the tour began. This decision was difficult, but one she had to make if she wanted to pursue acting; her first gig, a spot on the short lived television series Second Chances and later, Malibu as Melinda Lopez. In 1995, Jennifer made her big screen debut in The Money Train. This would open more doors for her, as she went on to appear in films with the likes of Jack Nicholson in Blood and Wine, Robin Williams in Jack , Jimmy Smits in Mi Familia, and Edward James Olmos in Selena.

Playing the roll of the slain tejana singer Selena, would affect her in more ways than one; it catapolted her career

Jennifer Lopez

into super stardom, and laid the ground work for a musical career. On a different level, she fell in love, and married Ojani Noa, a waiter on February 22, 1997. Unfortunately, the marriage did not last, and they were divorced less than a year later. Jennifer continued to work hard through all this, appearing in the films U-Turn, opposite Sean Penn, Out of Sight with George Clooney, and Antz, the all star loaded annimated film. This wasn't all though, she made some musical contacts and appeared oppisite Sean "Puffy" Combs in the video Been Around the World, and also on one of Marc Anthony's videos from his last album. On a recent interview on the latin show Christina, Jennifer said she agreed to appear on Marc's video, on the condition that he would sing on her new album. Needless to say, he agreed. Jennifer's Current love interest is Bad Boy Entertainment's Sean Puffy wedding plans yet.

For her new album, Jennifer gathered an impressive line up of collaborators, including Marc Anthony, Emilio Estefan, Jr., Sean "Puffy" Combs, and Rodney Jerkins. The new album entitled On the 6 was named after the No. 6 subway she would take in her younger days from The Bronx to Manhattan for her dance lessons and auditions. Not suprising, the first single, "If You Had My Love" hit number one on the Billbord's Pop Chart, and the spanish adaptaion of "No Me Ames" with Marc Anthony hit the number one slot on the Latin Charts. If you had doubts about Jennifer's singing talent, you can put them to rest. Jennifer has stated that she would like to record an all spanish album for her follow-up. If On the 6 is an indication of things to come, look for her next one to be a smashing success.

As far as her movie career, Jennifer Lopez fans need not worry, production on her new films The Cell and The Wedding Planner are complete and she has begun working on another film, Angel Eyes. Both The Cell and The Wedding Planner are due out after August 2000 and Angel Eyes with a late 2000 or early 2001 release date. As you can see, Jennifer has no plans to put her film career on hold. As for the Music, she has stated that she would like to record a primarily spanish album for her follow-up to On the 6. Even though she has had a rough time with the press lately, you can bet that this beautiful curvy multi-talented latina will be around for a long time. Her popularity continues to grow with each project, and she is currently considered to be the highest paid latina in Hollywood today. Jennifer Lopez is definately one to look out for in the new millenium.

Jennifer LopezJennifer LopezJennifer LopezJennifer LopezJennifer LopezJennifer Lopez