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With Top Ten records overseas, teen sensation KACI is ready to make her mark in the United States. Her debut album, "I'm Not Anybody's Girl" on Curb Records was released on July 16, 2002.

In the United Kingdom KACI's debut single "Paradise" soared to certified gold and remained in the top 40 for 11 weeks! "Paradise" music video was a top-five requested video on MTV, and The Box. Following this release, she reached number 10 on the UK singles charts with her cover of the Partridge Family's hit. "I Think I Love You" The video for this was in the top-ten most requested for MTV, SmashHits TV, The Box (Europe), and #2 most requested on YTV-Hits in Canada, and top-five on Nickelodeon in the USA!

In the U.S. Paradise won several Nick Video Picks of the Day, besting records by J.Lo and Li'l Bow Wow and top-five most requested on the Disney Channel. In 2001 KACI was nominated for The Disney Channel Kids Award as "New Chart Shocker" and was awarded "Most Glamorous Newcomer" on the SmashHits Tour in Europe. Since then, she has been making crowd pleasing appearances at the 2001 Pre-game SuperBowl show, The Hollywood Reporter's Fifth Annual Young Star Awards, Seventeen Magazine's Teen Choice Awards, and Nickelodeon's "Slimetime Live (which Kaci co-hosted & performed 3 times), and performed the National Anthem at ESPN's 2002 Outback Bowl. KACI will be kicking off 2003 on Jan.1 by performing the National Anthem at this years Citrus Bowl in Orlando in addition to the half-time show.

Kaci is not only a singer/songwriter but she is also a musician and producer. "I play the guitar - I just bought a 2002 limited edition Takamine - it's my baby! I think playing an instrument is important and is an asset when writing songs! As for producing...I love it and had the privledge to co-produce "Beggin Me" with Aaron Sain. It was great, I love the entire creative process to making music".

On television, Kaci has been featured on CNN, Entertainment Tonight, Extra Extra, Fox & Friends National News, CBS Saturday Morning News, Channel 1 News, KTLA News, Jerry Lewis Telethon, Teen Choice Awards, Disney, Nickelodeon, CD:UK, Top Of The Pops, The Exchange, Diggit, Live & Kicking, Pop Jam....just to name a few.

In Magazines, you'll find her in Teen, Teen People, Bop, Blast, Sugar, Live & Kicking, Popstars, The Parade, Top Of The Pops, Bravo, YM, Cosmo Girl, Sixteen, Teen Beat, Tiger Beat, Kidsday Newsday, Scholastic Magazine,, and on the cover of Network 40 and Shout.

On Tour, Kaci has recently finished her first solo tour across America sponsored by Pepsi, Fuji Film, GGP and Sam Goody. Earlier this year Kaci toured with O-Town in United States, Europe, Ireland, and Germany. She also supported several dates with the BackStreet Boys and performed in several states for Radio Disney.

Kaci has been singing since she was three years old. "I used to beg my dad to take me to this restaurant to sing karaoke". I would sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Part Of Your World". Then at age eight she joined a local singing group of girls who appeared at various events around the local Tampa/St.Petersburg area. Kaci soon did solo performances, including singing the National Anthem for the Florida Governor, Florida Congressman, and the New York Yankees. She mastered other styles of music, including Jazz, Country, Broadway and Pop and sang such classic songs as Over The Rainbow and Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart.

At nine, she recorded a Christmas album for her family and friends and at 10 she recorded a CD, A THOUSAND STARS, produced by her mother. Singer/songwriter Bobby Goldsboro gave her five songs for that CD and a portion of the proceeds from the sales of A THOUSAND STARS went to a local housing project for the homeless. At the same time, Kaci pursued her acting career which includes several commercials, a Disney Christmas Special, and appeared in a movie for home video, Camp Tanglefoot where she played the lead child role.

In school Kaci maintains an "A" average. "School is very important to me. I'm home-schooled now and I just recently tested out of high school. I am currently taking classes at my local College. I'm not sure what I want to major in yet, but my interests besides music are business and politics".

While Kaci did attend school, she was very active in sports. "I played Basketball, AAU Basketball, Volleyball, and I actually lettered in Track while in the 6th grade!" She's also a brown belt in karate and is currently working on her black belt and is being privately trained by Jim Graden (World Kickboxing Champion) to become the youngest Certified Kickboxing Instructor.

Kaci's musical influences include Gloria Estefan, Celine Dion and Judy Garland. "I have 13 Judy Garland CDs and eight of her movies on video," Kaci says. "Judy Garland puts all of her feelings into her songs. She's mesmerizing." Kaci currently listens to groups like Incubus, POD, and Greenday.

Her first album combines her many musical influences. Kaci believes she knows why young people are so excited about the teen pop movement. "The people who are listening are teenagers," she says. "They like hearing people their own age, people they can relate to." As for her future ambitions, Kaci wants to do it all. "I want to make records, make movies and be on the cover of magazines," she says. With her drive and talent, she can certainly go Over The Rainbow.

Source: Kaci.TV


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